Life Church

Well another season is rapidly coming to a close and so is the Life Church Project. Whiting Turner awarded us the project in the beginning of March and with the mild winter, we started work immediately. The project consisted of a 10-acre site for a new 38,000 SF Church located just off of Watervliet Shaker Road in Colonie, NY. Our scope of work included the grading of the existing site, importing approximately 30,000 CYS of fill, installation of storm sewer, sanitary sewer, sanitary force main, water main and several retaining walls. Additionally, we excavated and backfilled for the electrical, plumbing and gas main installations. Currently we are finishing the grading of the topsoil and should complete our scope of work by 10/31/2016. Thank you to all involved for making this another successful project for the Rifenburg Companies!

Rivers Casino

The Rivers Casino project is in the home stretch! The majority of the work will be complete in 2016. The hotel is not scheduled to be completed until Spring of 2017. Hardscapes and landscaping are currently being installed across the 21 acre site while still allowing access to the building for the myriad of other contractors working on the inside and outside.

Mohawk Harbor

Since the Summer Newsletter, the Mohawk Harbor project has seen significant progress. The primary access point to the site, the Erie Blvd & Nott Street Roundabout, was completed on schedule by Rifenburg Construction and all feedback has been positive on its delivery and functioning from City and DOT officials, and Owner & Contractor representatives.

This past Saturday, the main roadway corridor through the project received top course pavement and pavement markings. Along with sidewalks, roadway landscaping, signage, and street lighting; this milestone of progress largely fulfills our schedule requirement to deliver the City owned road by October 15th. Achieving this milestone amid the complexity of site logistical challenges, ongoing design development, weather restrictions, and subcontractor coordination at this very demanding time of the year is a testament to the hard work and perseverance put forth by everyone on the Mohawk Harbor team.

Pittsfield Airport

Runway 26 had to be extended nearly 1,500 feet and runway 8 needed to be shortened approximately 650 feet for this project. Both runway ends received a 400,000 square-foot runway safety area. To extend runway 26, a 60-foot drop-off needed to be filled while allowing for rock mining and movement of earth on site. The earth work involved moving over 1.1 million yards of earth from cut areas to fill areas. Of that, 450,000 yards of solid rock was blasted and incorporated into the fill.