Noble Thumb I Windpark

The Noble Thumb I Windpark is located on the “thumb” of Michigan near Lake Huron. We dug the foundations for 46 turbines, a successful endeavor in the emerging construction market that focuses on the use of environmental and green power technologies.

Mohawk Tire Remediation

This illegal tire facility contains millions of tires, many buried or embedded with clay soil. Our job is to collect them, excavating when necessary, clean them, and shred them for use in either New York State (NYS) Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) road projects or for other beneficial uses such as playgrounds and artificial turf.

Save-A-Lot Distribution Center

The Save-A-Lot Distribution Center, in the Greene County Technology Park, was built on a large parcel of land previously used for farming. The project was a part of a larger master plan which included all of the site roadways and infrastructure including widening, paving, and overall improvements to NYS Route 9. Our firm was contracted to perform all of the work.

Beechnut Baby Food Facility

Beechnut Baby Foods, long located in Montgomery County in the village of Canajoharie, had outgrown its original plant but made a commitment to stay in the county by building a modern new facility on a 94-acre site. Our work on this commercial site development project included 700,000 cubic yards of cut to fill, which included blasting 300,000 cubic yards of rock. In addition, we were responsible for infrastructure work including storm sewer, sanitary sewer, domestic water, and fire protection. Paving, landscaping, and fencing will complete this job.

Albany NanoTech

The addition of a second building to the University at Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, directly across from the college’s other building on Washington Avenue Extension, will eventually mean realigning Washington Avenue and moving it north of its current location. But for now, the task at hand is to finish construction on the second building. This involves prepping the foundation for a new building, completing the infrastructure, and installing water, sewage and storm lines. In addition, the parking lot will be paved with a concrete and asphalt mixture, a few street signs will be added to this new section of the campus, and the elevated pedestrian bridge that spans Washington Avenue and connects the two buildings will be completed.