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Save-A-Lot Distribution Center


The Save-A-Lot Distribution Center, in the Greene County Technology Park, was built on a large parcel of land previously used for farming. The project was a part of a larger master plan which included all of the site roadways and infrastructure including widening, paving, and overall improvements to NYS Route 9. Our firm was contracted to perform all of the work.


The site soil consisted of damp, plastic and sensitive material which would be difficult to place during good weather and near impossible in inclement weather. Unfortunately, our weather was extremely wet a number of substantial rain events.


Clayco Construction, the Construction Manager (CM) for the project, along with their geological consultants, determined that the site soils would need to be amended through a procedure of mixing lime with the top two feet of the site soils. Our forces cut the site to an elevation of two feet below grade and, along with the CM and their forces, amended the fill layer one foot at a time. Upon completion, we placed an additional lift and repeated the procedure. Once finished, this lift was fine-graded to a 3/8-inch tolerance for placement of the subbase material. It was imperative that this work was completed quickly as the sub-grade becomes very hard and compact with this process.


The 335,000-square-foot Save-A-Lot Distribution Center, which began in June 2003 and which was completed in late December 2003, was a challenging project that required our expertise in site development and our know-how in dealing with difficult site conditions.

“Clay soil, combined with heavy rain, called upon our problem-solving skills.”

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