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Noble Thumb I Windpark


The Noble Thumb I Windpark is located on the “thumb” of Michigan near Lake Huron. We dug the foundations for 46 turbines, a successful endeavor in the emerging construction market that focuses on the use of environmental and green power technologies.


This interesting project called on our ability to mobilize staff quickly and demonstrated our commitment to travel to a distant site. Because of the tight schedule, the team—from North Carolina and New York, plus local operators we hired—worked for five weeks, seven days a week from daylight to dark. Despite the challenges of wet weather and some silty soil, as the project superintendent recalled, “we just dug in and got the job done on schedule.”


Phasing was a large part of the resulting success of this project. Coordinating with Northland Associates, we dug the approximately eight-to nine-foot deep foundations for three turbines each day. After we dug, Northland Associates laid the pad and poured the concrete and, after cure time, we backfilled each foundation. Because safety is always a high priority at any of our worksites, daily safety meetings were held with all employees.


The Noble Thumb I Windpark will generate 69 megawatts of clean energy using 46 1.5 megawatt turbines—enough to power about 23,000 average homes. Over a period of 20 years, it would require burning more than 1.5 million tons of coal—enough to fill a train 178 miles long—to create the same amount of electricity.

“It was a tough task but a good one because we got it done efficiently, meeting a tight schedule.”

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