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Mohawk Tire Remediation


This illegal tire facility contains millions of tires, many buried or embedded with clay soil. Our job is to collect them, excavating when necessary, clean them, and shred them for use in either New York State (NYS) Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) road projects or for other beneficial uses such as playgrounds and artificial turf.


A major challenge of this approximately two-year project (estimated completion date is November 2009) is the condition of the millions of tires. Many of the tires are either buried in or covered with heavy clay soil, and since the ultimate goal is to recycle the tire material for other purposes, such as GCP-19 D.O.T.-specification material, it is imperative that they be cleaned of all residue.


A system was installed on-site to clean and shred the collected tires, which includes spray bars and processing lines and the means to cut the tires into smaller and smaller pieces to meet D.O.T. requirements for road material. It is estimated that up to 4,000 tons a month will be shredded.


The project is on schedule for its anticipated November 2009 completion date. At that time, the site will be restored to a greener space, with all evidence of the former illegal tire dump status eradicated, and the shredded tire material either recycled for D.O.T. road products or for a beneficial use determination (BUD).

“The condition of the tires challenged us to create a system to clean and shred them.”

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