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Albany NanoTech


The addition of a second building to the University at Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, directly across from the college’s other building on Washington Avenue Extension, will eventually mean realigning Washington Avenue and moving it north of its current location. But for now, the task at hand is to finish construction on the second building. This involves prepping the foundation for a new building, completing the infrastructure, and installing water, sewage and storm lines. In addition, the parking lot will be paved with a concrete and asphalt mixture, a few street signs will be added to this new section of the campus, and the elevated pedestrian bridge that spans Washington Avenue and connects the two buildings will be completed.


Aside from contending with a high water table, the aggressive schedule created some congestion, which meant we had to work around the other contractors to complete our projects. The tight timeline and small worksite also required us to switch gears often and move our crews and equipment from site to site.


To solve the water issue, we installed a combination of sump pumps and a wellpoint system to drain the water from that area. As for the scheduling issues, we found that good communication was key. In addition to weekly progress meetings, the superintendents met every day to discuss potential conflicts and resolutions.


When complete in 2013, the new state-of-the-art 510,000- square-foot building will sport a look identical to its counterpart across the street and will house a large research and development facility designed to engineer 450-millimeter wafers, a type of computer chip.

“The challenging schedule helped showcase our ability to adapt and change as needed.”

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